About us

Who we are

Our company has been in the market for 27 years and our goal is to produce fashion footwear for men, women and children.

Throughout our activity we have been focusing our efforts on the development of competences that allow us to be different from the other brands and we consider these competences to be fundamental to our company’s success.

These are 3 items that are combined: irreverent and innovative design, comfort and the quality of the raw materials.

What we do

We develop and present our own collections to our clients and we are ready to produce small quantities with short delivery dates.

This flexibility has been essential to our first brand, Eject, in order that it can be in the market and expectations of our clients.

More recently and always thinking in diversification and access to new markets, we launched a new brand, Prophecy, with the aim to complete Eject.

How we do it

We link our technical know-how to the commercial dynamic and our knowledge of the international markets to develop products that answer to the needs and expectations of our clients; using the more recent technologies in the footwear industry.

The used materials in both Eject and Prophecy are the result of researches among specialized suppliers with whom we work together.

Who we do it for

Our brand aims to satisfy the needs of the consumers that search for footwear with personality.

The care with the development of unique and comfortable moulds shows the desire to achieve the irreverence allied to comfort.

The use of original materials gives our brand vigour and reflects the energy and glamour of it.
In Germany, it was considered the third more searched brand in its segment.

What makes us innovative

The innovation is present in all areas of the company’s activity: conception and development of product, production procedures, organization and management.

The company has tried to be modern and flexible in order to have the ability to answer to clients’ needs.

This innovation is present and shows itself in the different features of Eject’s and Prophecy’s products, concerning design, materials, colour, comfort and irreverence.

International Operations and Alliances

In the internalization, we have had as partner APICCAPS Portuguese Footwear Manufacturer’s Association.


Eject won several GAPI fashion and design awards, awarded by the INPI (National Institute for Intellectual Property) and CTCP (Footwear Technology Centre of Portugal).

In September 2007, we won the award with the young line of Eject brand.

This shoe cannot compare to any shoes that I bought ever. I mean the craftmanship in this shoe is awesome. You will have to hold this shoe in your hand. It's worth the price.
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